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January 19, 2017

Castle Game Engine

*X3D node and field documentation is now available in the API docs.* So you can find a node in the engine...

*X3D node and field documentation is now available in the API docs.* So you can find a node in the engine Pascal reference, like , and:

- the Pascal description will include a short summary of node's purpose,
- and the important properties (like Translation, Center, etc.) are visible,
- and (with time...) the properties will be documented too.

To make this prominent, we also link to it from our X3D components description on (by "API reference" links). I want to emphasize this way that you can build and modify the X3D graph at runtime, which is a way to do many cool things with the engine:) Simple example of it is in the tutorial, on .

To make it possible:

- We have added previous node "helpers" (like "TTransformNode.Translation" helper, wrapping an internal "TTransformNode.FdTranslation") as normal class properties. This was done by generating files inside the src/x3d/auto_generated_node_helpers/ .

- The node's descriptions are specified directly in the src/x3d/ files.

- The field's descriptions are specified inside the src/x3d/x3dnodes_documentation.txt . It is added to the documentation using the PasDoc feature .

This is of course an ongoing effort, and help in documenting is most welcome!:) Be sure to consult with X3D specification and with our docs on to document everything correctly:)

In the future: we may add some stuff automatically from (but they are not always as concise, or as good, as we would like).

Also in the future: we definitely will gradually hide the somewhat-internal properties FdXxx (first we'll hide them from docs, and then we may just make them private). In most cases, users should not use them. But not everything yet has the non-FdXxx equivalent, in particular multiple-valued fields don't have them yet, like FdGrouping.

January 19, 2017 08:29 PM

January 18, 2017

Godot Engine

Meet us at FOSDEM 2017 and GodotCon

The Godot Engine community is officially attending the FOSDEM 2017 in Brussels, Belgium on Feb 4-5, and also organises its own "GodotCon" event in Brussels the next two days (Feb 6-7). All interested Godot users and contributors are invited to join us for a great real life meeting!

January 18, 2017 12:44 PM

January 17, 2017


Feature spotlight: particle effects

Happy 2017!

For our first post of the year, we’re moving the spotlight back to a cool Xenko feature: particles. Particles are such an important aspect of almost every game and as a follow-up to our particles tutorial, we wanted to share with you a little more info about our particle system.

With Xenko’s powerful particles system, you can implement effects like rain, explosions fire, smoke, electricity, magic spells, and lots more. Particles are a great way to bring your game worlds to life.

You can build particle effects completely inside Xenko Game Studio. Just add a Particle System component to your entity. The system is extensible, and any part can be customized in depth. And because Xenko is open-source, you can modify the code as you need.

Unlike legacy game engines, the Xenko particle system is modular: you add only the options you need, and remove anything you don’t. This means no wasted CPU cycles loading effects you’re not using.

To demonstrate how you can build particle effects from scratch in Xenko, we’ve put together a trail effect tutorial. Follow the steps to add a trail effect to a sword slash animation.

And to give you a taste of where you can go after that, here’s a more elaborate trail that combines multiple particle effects:

If you’d like to see how this particular effect works, download the project file and take a look.

Don’t forget, Xenko comes with some pre-made particles included as prefabs in the asset packs, too. To check them out, just select the Particles asset pack when you create a project.

We’re really busy working on some important new features. Stay tuned for more news about what’s to come.

Happy tinkering!

January 17, 2017 03:00 PM


Solarus official Gitter

We created an official Gitter chat for things about Solarus. For the moment, there is only one room, the default one. Gitter is a popular chat whose benefit is being tighly linked to Github, and where you can write directly in markdown. If necessary, we will create more rooms for each projects.

Solarus official Gitter

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by Neovyse at January 17, 2017 11:22 AM

Castle Game Engine

A new utility "sprite-sheet-to-x3d" was added to the engine. Using it, you can convert spritesheet information...

A new utility "sprite-sheet-to-x3d" was added to the engine. Using it, you can convert spritesheet information into ready-to-use X3D file. Many thanks go to Trung Le (kagamma) for contributing this!

The utility takes a spritesheet with a description (what frames and animations are present in the spritesheet) and converts it into an X3D file. The X3D animations can be played with our simple TCastleScene.PlayAnimation (and friends).

The supported input formats are:

- Starling (.xml). Fully supported.
- Cocos2D (.plist). Covered most of important stuff, rare features are not supported (yet!).

See for more details!

The utility is in the engine sources, in tools/sprite-sheet-to-x3d/ . It can be compiled just like any other engine example, e.g. by executing the shell script tools/sprite-sheet-to-x3d/ . Enjoy!:)

January 17, 2017 05:43 AM

January 13, 2017


[game] Updates, Factory changes, h-bot Tweaks, Morphing Improvements, UI Enhancements, Music UI, New News Contributor!


Hello there people! I am your new news contributor (hell of a tongue twister eh?) RSAStudioGames! I will be helping Forboding Angel out with posting updates. So lets get right into these new and amazing updates!

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by Forboding Angel at January 13, 2017 01:43 AM